MAX Maintenance

What Should You Expect From Maintenance?

For mechanical equipment designed to receive regular attention, nothing is more destructive than neglect. However, your heating and cooling system is a complex combination of parts, each one built for an expected runtime.

"Maintenance" means replacing these parts, some of which are expensive, when the time comes. An investment in taking care of equipment the right way does pay off, but don't be tempted to believe it will "prevent" necessary repairs.

MAX Maintenance is about maximum value: a separate division focused on our customer's investment.

Benefits from membership in our MAX Maintenance program

  • Maximize unit efficiency and useful life of equipment
  • Minimize interruptions requiring service calls
  • Priority on service calls quick response
  • Maintenance performed by trained technicians
  • Guaranteed factory recommended procedures
  • Preparation for high-demand seasonal weather
  • Complete management of your HVAC investment from filters to reliable service

For more information about our MAX Maintenance program, contact 615-83-GREEN (615-834-7336).